Saturday, April 7, 2012

The One That Got Away

If China would have let me adopt three at once...

Yes, it's true...I would have done it. Three. At once. And I knew just the child. He was 7 years old and had a limb difference. I called the agency that had him listed multiple times. I called my agency to see if they could get his file. I called and emailed advocates who had him listed on their blogs. No one was adopting him. He sat on advocacy sites, on blogs; people were practically begging for this boy to be adopted. But he just sat. 

And I could NOT get him off my heart. I thought about him every. single. day.

All. day. long.

So I prayed.

I prayed a very simple prayer, "God, if he's meant to be in our home, then he will be here when we get back from China. But if he's not, then please find a family for him; please let this little boy be adopted."

That was it. I went to China and came back with my head spinning. I didn't even think of adoption and honestly didn't think about this little boy until a week ago.

I checked with the agency that had him listed...he was no longer there. Reluctantly, I went to the online file that listed kiddos who've been matched with families...and there he was. He has been matched with his forever family.

I was beyond thrilled for him and his new family, and yet at the same time my heart sunk. 

So why was my heart so taken for this little boy? 

One word: prayer. 

Perhaps his new family was not in the position yet to adopt him, I don't know, and may never know until I see Jesus, but I do know this: when something is a burden upon your heart, IT'S FOR A REASON. 

Pray!!! Don't question it, or try to figure out why, just pray.

And speaking of prayer...did you all pray that I would find my camera charger? I had given up hope; I was sure it was in China, but my hubby just walked in with it in his hand. He was shaking his head at me...because he found it in the ONE place I didn't look. Tee hee. I'm so ashamed. Not really.

I'll leave you with some I-phone pics... 

Josiah and Brianna with Lily Anna - yes, Josiah needs new jeans...he's a teen, ripped jeans are intentional...sigh.

Sidewalk chalk for the first time.

Cute as a button...even with hair in her face.