Sunday, August 19, 2012

6 Months!!!

We have now been home six months!! I can't believe how fast it's gone...and how much things have changed. When we came home, I brought two strangers into my house, and (to be perfectly honest) I didn't feel any sort of "Mommy" love for them. I felt like I was babysitting someones else's kids and I kept looking at the clock thinking, "When is their Mom going to come get them??" Ha ha. Today...well, (to be perfectly honest again) I love these kiddos so much that recently I've thought about adopting again (did I just say that)????  Johnny and Lily just make it seem so easy. They are just really good kids!

Of course, some day they drive me bananas, but actually every person I know drives me nuts at some point in my life!!  Johnny is a MASSIVE talker. I had NOOOOO idea of this when we adopted him. He was fun and very sweet. Then he went quiet after about 3 weeks home. I knew he was processing the English language. Then he started talking in English...and kept expanding his vocabulary...and kept talking...and talking...and talking. Oh by the way, have I told you yet that he likes to TALK?
He asks questions about everything. Everything!!! Here's a sample:

Baba, what you doin'?
Changing a light bulb.
Why? Is it broken?
Well, kind of. I need to change it.
You need to change the light bulb?
Baba, you fix it?
Yes, Johnny, I'm fixing it. you do it?
Well, I need to take it out of the ceiling.
It goes in ceiling?
It's broken?
You can turn light on?
It's broken?
You fix it?
Yes Johnny, I'm fixing it.

That is a sample of two minutes of our life. Keep in mind that Johnny is curious about everything. So whatever you do, he's right behind you asking how it works and what you're doing. He is either going to be another Thomas Edison or he's going to a mechanic. I don't care which, as long as someone can answer his million and one questions he has during the day!!! The boy wears me out!!!

But, ohhhhh, that million dollar smile!!!

Then theirs Lily, the drama queen. She loves hair, nails, and shoes. Are we sure I didn't give birth to this girl?? But she's not very lady-like. She will be in her underwear with boots on and a necklace. Yeah, not very attractive.

Not to mention Lily is fun to be around! She wears her personality on her sleeve (understatement). You don't have to guess about the mood she's in...she makes it very, (very) clear. Here's proof:

 (Sorry, you can see her crusty nose...kind of gross, but I don't know how to edit out kiddo grossness).

 (Ha ha, think she was mad in that pic?) Tee hee, sorry, in my house, you have a 'tude...I break out my I can have payback time at your graduation reception and all your friends and family get to see your meltdown from 2012. 

I love Johnny and Lily with all my heart!! They've blossomed here and are doing fantastic. I get kind of sad when people say negative things about adopting two at once. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!! They love to play with each other and have bonded with every member of our family. 

Six Months...thank you Lord their lives have changed!!! As have ours. I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Meeting Johnny 6 months ago

6 months later

Meeting Lily 6 months ago

 6 months later

The biggest thing I see from the before and after pics? A glow to their faces, a light in their eyes...and hope.
It's amazing what the power of a family can do.
I love watching God transform their lives (and ours with them...remember, He's not done with any of us yet.)

Bring on the next six months!!! 
(And maybe two more kiddos???)

Yikes! Did I just say that again?