Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Official!!!


We're adopting again!!!!


More kiddos!! Yay!!

More paperwork for me to do....sigh.

Y'all, I hate paperwork. My brain doesn't do paperwork. 

It is single-handedly my GREATEST greatest mountain to climb. But somehow God got me through it last time.

So we'll do it, God, and all the people I have to enlist to help me decode questions. :)

Here's ONE example of my paperwork nightmares:

Me: Hey, what does nationality mean? Do they want to know my nation? Do I put "American" or do I put "U.S."? Or should I put USA?

Hubby: Seriously, Lisa? 

Then he sighs and says, "What would you do without me?"

Nothing. The answer would be "nothing." See? I know the answer to HIS questions, but not the adoption agency's!! 

So here's the story in a fast re-cap:

I thought I was done. (Don't ever tell anyone you're done...and don't tell God you're done either.)

Then one day it happened. I turned around in the car (see last post) to see who was missing. It felt like someone was missing from my vehicle even though I could clearly see they were all there. That may sound bizarre, but it happened ALL THE TIME before Johnny and Lily. Someone was missing...but both my kiddos were in the car...and now it was happening again.  I dismissed it even though I recognized that oh-too-familiar feeling. Anywho, I started reading blogs again, looking at photolisting sites of children from China again. I was being drawn like a moth to a flame!!! Ugh!! What was happening to me?

I kept ignoring my familiar feelings.

And then one day my husband was preaching and asked how many people read a chapter a day in Proverbs. He said to just start reading the chapter with whatever day we happened to be on in the month. I thought, wow, I haven't done that in awhile, so that night I began reading...then I got to Proverbs 24 (so it was Nov. 24) and I got to verse 11 and 12 and I started to bawl.

vs. 11 Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.
vs. 12 If you say, "But we knew nothing about this," does not He who guards your life know it? Will He not repay everyone according to what they have done?

The emphasis to me was on verse 12. My eyes have been opened and I could NOT pretend I didn't know there were children going to bed at night without a mother or father. 

Without a family. 

You may say that verse 11 doesn't apply...that they're not staggering toward slaughter. Umm...have you been to other nations? Where there is no joy? Where God is not allowed?

Their faces are empty. Sad, blank, and empty. They have no hope.

Yes, they are like a group of people...staggering...with no hope.

I had tried to go back to my old life of being blinded to the plight of the orphan...and I just could NOT do it. God would not let me...he was holding me accountable to respond. I tried to tell God I'd pray for them. I would tell others about adoption. 

But that wasn't enough.

I'm supposed to do it myself.



We will go back to China for two more. :) I'm at the very beginning of this process. I may be the only person who took 18 months for our last adoption and I'd really love for it to not take that long but I'm not holding my breath. My home study took double  the time, my LOA took double the time, paperwork got sent back, yada, yada. I'll just trust God on His timing this time around because not ONE thing went faster because of all my ranting to God about it.


I will learn patience. :)

(Yeah, right.)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Let It Snow!!!

Oh yeah, baby...we got dumped on!! What do I care...there wasn't any school yesterday so I stayed home all day with the kiddos. We had lots of fun...watched Kung Fu Panda and ate popcorn and Dots. And of course, took the kids outside to play. This was Johnny and Lily Anna's first experience with snow. Johnny said it got really cold in China but he never saw snow. (He was in a northern province). And I knew Lily had never seen it because she was in southern China. Ok, enough with the yada, let's take a guess: Who loves snow?

And guess who hates snow: Yep, the Southern girl. She hated it. She said it was icky. 
She lasted 10 minutes outside...actually, more like 7. Or 6.
So big bro was so sweet, took her by the hand and brought her in.
But before that happened, she entertained us by falling over on her back (actually she was pushed by Brianna...sigh) and remember the clip from "A Christmas Story" where the little brother is so bundled up he falls over and can't get up? Yep, that was Lily. She rolled and rolled. I had mercy on her and helped her up. 

Oh Lily, it sure is hard being chubby. That jelly belly just won't give when you're rolling around in the snow like a tomato. :)

Btw, can you all believe I'm posting and it's not even a month later??? 

It's because I've been up since 2:00 am for no reason at all...or is there? The last time this happened God was prepping me for two little kiddos from China. And I was up yesterday at 3:00 am. Hmmm... 

Just last week I was backing out of the garage (not the time when I took my mirror off...that's another story...forget I mentioned that) and looked in the van to see who was missing. Nope...all 4 kiddos were there. But it felt like someone was missing. The last time this happened....well, I'll just stop there. :)

Btw, guess who looks all grown up going to her Teen Christmas party at church?

 Big brother doesn't look half bad either (even with the red eye...ugh...I WILL learn how to touch up photos in 2013). 

I'm so proud of them! They love God, they love church, and they love their family. What mama wouldn't be proud?

Friday, December 7, 2012

10 Months!!

Yesterday marked 10 months with Johnny and tomorrow marks 10 with Lily. It's been amazing watching all their "firsts" with us! 

First day of school (yes his hair was still wet for my pics!)

Lily Anna's first day of Pre-school

First time playing in leaves. Fall is my absolute favorite season!!

I loooooove this picture!!!! Look at those faces!!

First Halloween

First Thanksgiving (they decided they like chicken more than turkey!)

This isn't a first...I just love their outfits, ha ha. Blurry pic but, wow, these 
kiddos should model for Gap!!

And decorating their first Christmas tree.

While I am the sentimental type, I also love the comical things that happen with these firsts. Here are a few:

One day Johnny asked me when Christmas was and I replied, "It's right around the corner, Johnny." He got an excited look on his face and ran around the corner to look and then got confused and said, "Where?" I laughed so hard and had to explain that "around the corner" doesn't literally mean "around the corner!"

A few weeks ago we were decorating the outside of the house. My hubby was on the roof hanging a wreath on the house when Johnny yelled up at him in a very matter-of-fact voice, "Don't fall down and die, Baba."

Not to mention with all these firsts, I have to explain why we do what we do. Do you realize how stupid us Americans look to this 6 year old Chinese boy? I remember thinking, "This boy thinks we're nuts!" Here are some examples of what I've tried to explain to him:

"Johnny, Halloween is coming up. We have to pick out your costume!"
"What's Halloween?"
"It's a day where everyone dresses up in a costume. You can dress up like a super-hero!"
"Why you do that?"
"Umm...I don't know."
"Everybody does it?"
"Why? Who told everyone to do it? Why you all do that?"
"Umm...I really don't know. It's for fun. We do that in America, Johnny. We get dressed up like weird things on one day of the year for no reason what-so-ever." 

And Christmas:
"Johnny, it's time to set up the tree for Christmas!"
"Where you get the tree?"
"Well, some people get a real one from outside."
"What??? Why you do that??"
"Well, we bring it in and decorate it with lights and then put presents under it."
"What?? Why you do that?? Why you bring in a tree? Tree goes outside!! Just leave it outside. Why you bring a tree in your house?? That's yucky. Why you stick lights on it??"
"Ummm...for fun. But you're going to get presents. I wrap them and put them under the tree."
"What??? Why you do that??? Why you buy a toy and wrap it up? That makes no sense!"

The next time he says, "Why you do that?" I'm going to reply, "Because we're morons, Johnny. Americans are morons. We do things for no reason at all and we have too much time on our hands." I'm sure that answer will satisfy him because I know that's what he's thinking anyway! :)

Hope you all have a blessed Christmas!!!