Friday, July 26, 2013

Coming Down Out Of The Clouds

After I received PA for Fu Chao I was on cloud nine, and while my head is always in the clouds, (ha ha) I am now anxiously awaiting the referral of our little girl.

With Fu Chao I was very proactive in getting updates on him, watching his video over and over...I felt like I had a little more control over making that decision, but this...this is 
out. of. my. hands.

Obviously I don't have to accept the first referral (I've been down that horrible road before), but...just to see her face for the first time. I can't describe it. I remember getting the call for Lily and then three weeks later for Johnny. I remember all of it.

And I'm completely giddy with anticipation...internally, you know, because I don't show emotion. :)

While I'm in the wait again, life goes on, and wow has it been busy and fun at the same time!

We took the kiddos to a carnival and they had a blast!

Brianna and Lily

Baba with Johnny

Johnny had an absolute riot on this thing. Can you tell?

 Lily Anna looking adorable.

I will post more pictures soon of our busy-yet-fun summer!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Introducing Our New Son!!!!

This is Dang Fu Chao!!!!


He is 7 years old and we just received our PA (pre-approval) on Monday. So here he is, our newest addition, and we are BEYOND excited!!! 

We waited 5 1/2 weeks for PA, which normally only takes 3 days, so this has been TORTUROUS!! I did not even know if he was still available. Brianna turned 12 on Monday and over the weekend she kept saying all she wanted for her birthday was for China to say we had pre-approval to adopt him. She got her birthday prayer!! 

Fu Chao is in the same place that Johnny was in, but he does not know him. Johnny was in foster care so he really didn't know a lot of the children in the orphanage. I'm not sure if Fu Chao is at the orphanage or in foster care; I will find that out over the next couple months, I'm sure.

Now our next step is waiting for our referral of our little girl and waiting on LOA (Letter of Approval) for Fu Chao.

Sounds confusing, right? We just got pre-approval to adopt him, but China still has to translate all of our documents, everything, and then they officially send a document that states we are officially approved and can begin making travel it can take months.

I have video of Fu Chao singing and dancing and I will post that soon. He also made a painting that I'm going to print and hang in his bedroom...I think we may have a creative child on our hands...a male version of Brianna, maybe? Lol.

God is so good!!

I am thoroughly enjoying this journey we're on right now!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Have Some News...

But I'm not telling...yet! Ha ha. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow. For today, I thought I'd post a few pictures I've taken.

It seems to me I always have WAY more pictures of Lily Anna than I do Johnny...but there's a reason for that. When I break out the camera, Johnny immediately goes into Kung Fu mode, strikes a few poses, and then runs away. And Lily just stands there, posing for picture after picture. All I have to do is tell her how pretty she is and she won't mind her crazy Mama with the camera. 

We are quickly coming up on 18 months home with Johnny and Lily. It is beyond amazing the transformation that has taken place with these two! And not just as a family. I am loving life right now. Why in the WORLD someone would talk themselves out of adoption when it's on their heart, is beyond me. Look at these two!!! There are a hundred things I "could" be doing...things I'm good at, blah, blah, blah. But being a mother (a good mother) to my children is by FAR the greatest thing I will ever accomplish! 

Don't forget Proverbs 31 says her price is far above rubies!!!

I cannot WAIT to share my news with you!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Today Is 5 Weeks Waiting For PA

Five weeks ago, we put in LOI for a little boy. LOI stands for Letter of means we would like to adopt him. That process, before China implemented their new computer system, took about 3 days to get PA, or Pre-Approval. People have been getting theirs, but some have taken 2 - 3 weeks. A few of us were at 4 weeks...but I am one of the only ones who has waited this long...5 weeks.  I'm not quite freaking out, because I'm not sure there's a need for it...yet, lol!!

There are a few people who just found out they've had PA for 2-3 weeks and never knew it because the computer system is so messed I could very well have it and not know it!!!

Ugh! A few answers would be nice, ya know????

I would just like some answers...are we pre-approved, is he even still available? 

And when can I start shopping for this boy??? Ha ha. 
I'm being serious. :)

Johnny informed me last night that his brother is going to need new underwear, lol. He said, "Mama, remember when you got me, I wasn't wearing any underwear? You need to go buy some for my brother because kids don't wear them." I can't believe he remembered that.  

I want to post pictures of this little boy so bad, but I can't until we have PA for him.

Come on China, issue the PA already!!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


We are LOGGED IN!!!!! 


After over a month of giving it to God and praying on my own, I'd had it...I'm not too proud to ask for prayer!

Just yesterday I posted, asking for people to pray. I posted here and on Facebook. That night, while we slept, China was busy at work and so was God!!

I woke up to an amazing email...we are officially, 100% logged into China's computer system, which means we can now receive our daughter's referral.

So we wait for her referral, and we are still waiting for Pre-Approval (PA) for a little boy who has tugged at our heart-strings for a long time. I don't even know if he's still available. We'll find out soon!!

Last night after I posted on here and FB, I went to the Word to read more about Daniel and his delayed prayer. What caught my attention and spoke to me was the side notes in my Dake's Bible. 

Here is what the side note said on Daniel 10:

"Here is an example of prayer being delayed. Such delays should never hinder faith or cause one to give up seeking an answer that is promised by God. They should only urge one to renew his efforts and to hold on in prayer and faith until the answer is realized."

I went to bed with peace in my heart and I woke up with joy in my heart, because I knew, regardless of the timing of it...the answer was on its way!!!

Thank you all for praying!!!

Please pray for the rest of those stuck in the process...even though the answer is on the way and we have faith, it is still a heavy burden to bare. Our children's faces are before us and in our hearts...we want them home.

Please continue to pray for PA (pre-approval) for our little boy and also for our referral of our little girl.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

We're Stuck

There is no other way to describe it. We are stuck in the process. China implemented this new computer system and it has caused some files to become completely stuck. We are waiting for two major things in this process right now. Well, actually three things.

We are waiting for LID: Log In Date
It means we are officially logged into China's system...this process usually takes one week. We've been waiting over four weeks.

We have been looking at files of boys and we are waiting for approval in this area as well. There are boys that we don't even know if they are available because of this new system. We have been waiting over four weeks wondering about a specific child.

And lastly, because we aren't logged into China's system officially, we can't receive our referral for our little girl. 

We are totally STUCK!

Which means two children are stuck as well.

I have posted on Facebook, asking for people to pray.

We are not the only ones stuck. Other people are as well, but what I've noticed is that EVERY person I've made contact with who is stuck in the process is a Christian...every. single. one.

I'm sure there are others who are not, but overwhelmingly, they are real, true, bonafide Christians.

There are times where we as Christians have peace about God's timing...we trust Him and put everything in His hands.

Those times are ALL the time...BUT...there are times also where something just. doesn't. feel. right.

You feel like someone is actively working against you.

This is one of those times.

In the Bible Daniel had the same situation. He prayed. He trusted. He waited.

The answer was delayed.

Why? Because the enemy, the adversary withstood him. 

Our adversary does NOT want these children in Christian homes.

Please pray for us as well as everyone else who is stuck in the system.

Pray that we all would receive our Log In Dates and Pre-Approvals of our children.

Thank you!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!!!

Here are some pics from last night's fireworks. These are normal pics - camera set to auto/flash on. I haven't figured out how to take good pics in pitch black.

By the end of the night my family was done with me flashing the bright light in their eyes.

Here's Lily with her "I'm a celebrity; quit flashing the camera in my eyes you nasty Mommy-paparazzi."

Daddy and Brianna watching the fireworks from the van.

Johnny loves sparklers!

Lily Anna and her cousin, Allison. Allison tried many times to get off Lily's lap and it just wasn't going to happen...Lily just held on tighter and said, "Sit on my lap."

No more pics Mama!!!!!

The rest of these are my better auto/flash on these!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pre-Fourth Pics

I went outside today and took some pictures of Lily, keeping the  4th of July in mind. I think they turned out pretty cute!!

I also took some of Johnny so I will post those tomorrow
 (if I have time!!)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thanks Josiah!!

This guy is my partner in crime. Actually, he's my personal assistant. Oh, he'll be ticked if he reads this...personal assistant, ha! Josiah has helped me with this adoption process and made it go much more smoothly than our first adoptions. He makes copies for me, helps me send emails with attachments (I still don't know how to do that), and he has helped me scan documents. If you knew the grade I got in computer class in high school you wouldn't be wondering why I need my 14 year old's help!! :) 

He has done so much computer stuff for me...I can't even convey the amount of work he has done. And it always starts with the same question from me:

"Josiah, will you come here? I need to borrow your brain."

It has been so nice to not have to pester my hubby with my relentless computer woes. Most of them happen while my hubby is at work, and with Johnny and Lily's adoptions I always had to wait until he got home from work. 

Not anymore!! 

Thank you, Josiah, for letting me "borrow your brain!!!"

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Photo Shoot With My Niece

My niece, Mikela, came over and taught me a few easy tricks to edit my pictures.

My son just got Photoshop for school, but that is anything but easy...for me anyway.

My instructor in my photography class is doing tutorials to help us with editing our pictures, and I will get there...I'll learn it to the best of my ability, but for now, I'm going with easy-peasy. :)

This is a picture Mikela and I took today while we bribed Lily to pose for pictures. :)

Mikela is a natural at photography and has a wonderful creative side. She's only 17 and has already started her own photography business!

It was kind of nice to just play around with these pictures...quite therapeutic for me right now while I'm in the wait. 

There isn't any all...for any of us who've waited this long.

I woke up with this scripture on my heart:

"Cast all your care upon Him, because He cares for you."
1 Peter 5:7

I have given this all to God; the timing, the wait...all of it. 

What is hard is that I have slept like a baby through this entire adoption so far. And then two nights all started up again...dreaming about China. Every. Night.


And I have felt the burden to pray. Not that I didn't before, but it was more light hearted, care-free. But now...I feel the BURDEN of it. I guess the only way to describe two nights ago, what happened is that same familiar mind, my thoughts, my HEART spilled over and is now in China. 

Once again, while people are talking, and life is carrying thoughts are on China. 

So what does this mean?

It means I know I'm close!!

I know my children's referrals are right around the corner.
And I know it could be Jan or Feb before I travel, but I'm praying for my littles as if I'm already there.

These feelings are all familiar; I know this road.

And when I reflect back on this time I had when I was in the wait for Johnny and Lily, it was a very sweet time in my life where I was completely, totally dependent upon God and His timing.

And right now, I guess that's the only way to describe what I'm feeling right's a sweet time between my and my Lord.