Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 Months

Yesterday was 5 months since Johnny walked into our lives and tomorrow will be Lily's 5 month anniversary. Sooooo much has changed!!! 

They just look so much healthier. It's like there's a light in their eyes and a glow to their faces that just was NOT there in China. And their smiles...I live for that!!

Yes, blurry, but oh so cute!

Such a great smile!

Although adopting two at once was hard in the beginning, I'd do it all over again in a heart beat...piece of cake. Yes, the first two months are beyond difficult, but everyone says that even with a single adoption. 

It's amazing that Johnny and Lily speak strictly English now. Johnny is talking in sentences, although it's somewhat broken. But it's only been 5 months!!! Crazy! 

And, wow, are these kiddos happy!!! They get a kick out of everything. 


And everyone.

Here are some pics of their cute little faces...

Guess what Johnny's favorite food is?

Johnny catching a ride from big brother.

Brianna and Lily on the swing.

Lily and her favorite food. Love those pigtails!!!! 

Busted!!!!! Feeding the dog food from her hand...gross!

If you buy a sticker book for your daughter, don't expect the stickers to actually go IN the book!

Look Mom! I picked you a bunch of dead things! 

Yes...these past five months have been very good!!