Monday, July 7, 2014

5 Months With Roman and London

This past weekend we took the kiddos to the carnival. Roman and London's expressions were priceless. They absolutely loved it, and when we were done, we walk to the lake and, of course, I took 100 pictures. 

This week we will have had Roman and London in our family for 5 months. It feels like much longer than that except when they speak and it's still combined with some Mandarin. Roman is starting to lose his native language. It's crazy how it happens. He still tries to speak into our Google translate on our phone, but he no longer speaks the Mandarin language into it...he speaks mostly English, so he doesn't understand why the translator isn't "working" properly. 

We are enjoying our summer, enjoying bonding, and just being a family.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Be Still My Heart!!

This boy....he has my heart. 

And he knows it.

 When I first saw that video of him over a year ago, I kept thinking, "Why is this boy still waiting??? Why has no one snatched him up??? Are people out of their ever-lovin' minds??? Someone go GET him!!!" 

So I did. 

He has been with us over 4 months now and he is entertainment rolled up into a tiny six year old frame. Many days I feel like I adopted the Chinese version of Tommy Boy.

He's a lot cuter than Tommy Boy, though. :)