Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gotcha Anniversaries!!!

February is our adoption month!!

 Everyone of my littles were adopted in this month so it has been kind of a whirlwind of celebrations here! Johnny was Feb 6, and Lily Anna, Feb 8, both home 3 years. Roman is Feb 10, and London is Feb 16, both home one year!

London, Johnny, Lily Anna, and Roman.

At a local restaurant...I was getting the kiddos all their food when I heard London exclaim, "Let's pray!" I turned around and saw this...they grabbed each other's hands and London (in the pink pig tails) began to pray over their meal. This truly melted my heart. One year home!!

Gotcha Anniversaries are times of deep thought for me. I replay every part of the adoption journey in my head, the Gotcha Day, the moment I first saw them, the time we had in their birth country, the first months home, and finally, how far we've come. Adoption is not easy, it is not a cake walk, but it is so, soooo worth it!!