Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Pics From My Class

Ok, Lily looked a little greenish in my edited picture I did on my last post, but I don't care because I accomplished something new!

I have found that my photography classes seem to be more of a trial and error learning style...well, more error than anything. 

I'm kind of learning what NOT to do, and that's ok.  I only have one purpose for these classes and that's to take better pictures of my kiddos, take great pictures when I go back to China, and pass on my knowledge to Brianna. (Ok, I think that was three purposes...whatever!)

Here is a series of photos of a session I did with Lily. A tad on the grainy side, but I'm learning so I have an excuse! :)

I decided to do a shot to show how I actually got Lily to do all these was actually my little mastermind, Brianna instructing her and I just got to snap away. Lily totally looks up to Brianna so she turned on the charm for her. :)

Thank you, Brianna! You make a fantastic assistant!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Editing Pictures

Ok, nothing going on in my adoption bubble that I'm in, so I edited a few pictures and I think I'm liking the results!!

I really have to keep myself busy right now as I kind of hit an emotional slump yesterday. I've been doing just fine through this whole process, but I'm stuck...which means there are two children on the other side of this world who are stuck. 

I know, I know. They aren't waiting for me...they aren't searching for me. I know that whole line of thinking. But my experience with Johnny broke that "rule." He was waiting, searching, hoping. Wondering where I was.

My most heart-wrenching question I've ever answered my children came from Johnny one night as I was tucking him in bed.

"Where were you?"

"I was waiting for you and you didn't come."

He covered his little face and cried. 

And I cried.


He cried and I cried and I thought about my LOA wait and how I was stuck in the process and there wasn't one thing I could do about it.
And today, Johnny doesn't ask that question anymore. Time has healed some of his wounds. But I can't help but there a little boy in China right now wondering, "Where are you? I'm waiting and you're not here." 

I'm coming, baby. 

I'll get there. 

I promise. 

Proverbs 3: 5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. 

Beautiful Lily Anna

I really had fun editing these pictures and now I'm thinking I've got a problem on my hands...I want to frame all of them!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Photo Session With Lily

This week's photo assignment has had me braving the mosquitos and heading outdoors for some good shots of at least ONE of my kiddos. Seeing as how Lily is a diva and always ready to get dressed up, she gets to be my victim, I mean subject. :)

I did manage to get one of Johnny, but he was completely done after this pic. 

I'm learning editing this week for my pictures, so number one on my list will be to edit out the tree bark covering Lily's face.

All these pictures are straight out of the camera, unedited. 
My next assignment will be to edit my pics, so hopefully I'll post those soon. 

Oh, want to know what's going on with my paperwork in China?


I'm SOOO glad I hurried and rushed to get my dossier to China so it could sit on someone's desk in a pile. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

My First Advocacy Post - Introducing Miss Liberty!

This little girl has stolen my heart!! 

I can't even remember when I stumbled across this little girl's 

picture, but I can tell you, she made an impact on me!

Almost everyday Lily asks to see the singing girl. So I pull up 

the video of Liberty singing and Lily sings along. And every 

time I watch her video I wonder WHY she has waited so long 

for her forever family.

This little girl will be ten years old in September. I would love 

to see her forever family come across her file before then. 

Liberty has been listed as having right side hemiparesis, and

 mentions delayed in her language development, but if you

 watch the video link below, her singing sounds very clear.

For more information about Liberty, please contact Heidi at

Date of Birth: September, 2003

Country: China

SN: hemiparesis affecting her right side; delayed in her language development.

The following are pictures of a recent update. 
As you can see the poor thing probably needs some physical therapy for her affected arm, as she is probably not really using it. In the video link above, you will notice she DOES use her hand. In her file it states that she loves music, has normal intelligence, and is in foster care. It also says that she can care for herself. 

I have spoken to many people who have adopted a child with this special need...the affected limb can and will gain strength with proper therapy! 

If you are interested in adopting Liberty please contact Heidi at the link provided above, or email me by clicking on the "contact me" link on my blog.

Also, if you know of anyone who might be interested in adopting this little girl, please do not hesitate to help us advocate for her...she has waited long enough.

Liberty is listed with Children's House International.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nothing Much...Sigh, Sigh

Ugh. This is supposed to be hands down the EASIEST part of the send your paperwork overseas and you get logged into their system. It takes one week.


I cannot receive our referral for our little girl until that happens. We are already looking at files for our little boy, but even then, everything...EVERYTHING is at a stand still.

People are sending in their paperwork and the results coming out are at a snails pace...hardly any approvals on anything. 

I would just like to know if we are logged into the system...I mean, come on McFly!!! Figure it out already!!

Johnny keeps asking me when I'm going to teleport myself to China to get him a brother.

I wish it was that easy, buddy. 

Speaking of cute is this pic?

I love this little smirk on Lily's face. 

So cute!!!!

Please pray China catches up on their paperwork this week!!!

There are so many of my cyber buddies who are stuck in limbo right now...myself included!!

I've been down this road horrible LOA wait of 2011...but it doesn't get any easier, believe me.

Yes, you learn the art of patience, God's timing, etc. But sometimes you just get a little sick of the complications that seem to creep their ugly way into the process. 

I'm in the middle of a photography class, so that will help to pass the time!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pics From Daddy's Phone

For Father's Day I decided to post a few pics from my hubby's phone that he's taken so far this year.  

Today Johnny woke up and said, "Is today Happy Daddy, Baba, Father's Day?" Yep. All of the above. :)

This was our version of celebrating Chinese New Year...we ate at a Chinese restaurant and ate noodles and onion rings, ha ha.

Wow, we go out to eat a lot...this was at Burger King...Josiah's all-time favorite.

Kisses from Baba.
This pic was taken in his office.

Me and Brianna (and of course the dog).

One of our blizzards. The last one was in May.

More blizzard pics. I don't even know why I post these. They make me shutter actually. I almost needed therapy after this past winter.

So cute, and she knows it!

This gives "tossing and turning" in bed a new meaning. :)

If there's a little dog in a room, Brianna is their new best friend! This is our friends' pet. 

Kindergarten Round-up.
Btw, see that wonderful pink phone in my purse? Yeah, I dropped it in the toilet about 3 weeks ago. Reminder to all Moms: Don't try to pile 10 things in your arms and try to throw something away...because when it misses the trash and you bend over to throw it away again you will hear a horrible sound...the sound of your phone landing in the toilet. I had over 300 pics and videos on that thing. Good thing I can't remember one picture I took, otherwise I'd be seriously depressed.

Kindergarten Round-up in Lily's classroom.

Daddy took this pic of the kids while Josiah and I stayed in the car because it was beyond freezing. I think I was finding a happy place in my mind and pretending like I was in Florida or Texas instead of the Arctic.

Ok, that's all for now. I'll post more of his pics soon!

Happy Daddy, Baba, Father's Day everyone!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Pics

It just warmed up here. 
Spring was more like winter and summer has been more like fall. 
And I cannot convey the amount of rain we've had!

I'm taking a summer photography class and I was getting kind of worried that I wouldn't have any pics that resembled summer. About a month ago I told my hubby that I was going to set up the Christmas tree because it was so stinkin' cold!

But, the sun finally came out so I snapped some pics for my class.

We have some cotton trees so Johnny and Lily were having a blast trying to catch all the cotton flying through the air.

This is one determined little girl! She caught some cotton, but it took forever and I had to take about 20 shots just to get one good picture of her because she was all. over. the. place!

Slightly blurred pic, but it's cute anyway!

On the adoption front, there is NOTHING to report. China has implemented a new computer system and it has slowed everyone's process. Also, this week is a holiday for them so they are closed. I cannot receive our referrals until we are completely logged into their system...and I won't know that until who-knows-when. 

So, while I wait, I will just keep taking more pictures. :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick

Well, she doesn't speak all. And every stick looks big next to her. :)

Yes, that's cleavage on my 5 year old. Don't judge...we like our cheeseburgers...and french fries...and ice cream. :)

 This one concerns me: either she's whittling her stick to make a weapon or she's trying to start a fire. Tee hee.

My pretty little girl. 

Have a blessed weekend everyone!